Groom’s friends force his bride to sign a contract allowing him to play cricket after marriage

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Life after marriage may be different from the period of celibacy, as responsibilities and obligations may prevent a person from enjoying his time with friends. Together, they resorted to a roundabout and playful way.

Hariprasad, a professor at a University of Thenei married a girl named Pooja, however, Pooja had to agree to one condition, which was that her future husband be available some time to play cricket, according to timesnownews.

The groom’s friends brought a stamp paper of 20 rupees and asked Pooja to sign it before marriage.

Pooja, who found the idea crazy and funny, but eventually succumbed to it, wrote, “I, Pooja, hereby allow Hariprasad to play cricket on Saturday and Sunday for Superstar Cricket Team.”

Pooja expect
Pooja expect

The bride did not think twice, and signed him and Hariprasad’s friends were relieved. The groom is said to be a passionate cricketer. His friends, who knew the importance of cricket in his life, wanted to make sure that he would still be able to play the game after his marriage.


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