Gifts you can give to the new baby, including a water thermos

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Many are confused about the type of gift that can be given to the new born, so “The Seventh Day” reviews an appropriate list of gifts that can be presented on these occasions and be useful and important, according to the websitenymag” as follows:

Colorful walker to teach walking and attract attention:

There is no objection to buying this important and useful gift for him, and the parents can postpone the purchase of it until the appropriate time that the child needs, which is usually between the fourth and fifth months to learn movement.

colorful walker

Bath toys set:

It is a wonderful collection of rubber bath toys, in shapes suitable for children, this fun set is one of the toys suitable for children and its buyers.

bath toys

bath toys

water thermos

You can choose an appropriate type of water container, whether it is hot or cold, as it makes it easier for the mother to move from place to place without fear of how to provide breastfeeding meals to her young.

Thermos for preparing feedings
Thermos for preparing feedings

Baby bib set “Bafteh”

There is no mother who does not use the bodice cover called “Bafta” to prevent food or the rest of the breast-feeding from falling on the baby’s chest, which causes an unpleasant smell, or reaching the baby’s chest and catching a cold. You will need more.



sleeping bag

It is a very suitable gift as no mother can dispense with it at night to ensure that her child is not exposed to the cold, or raise his clothes as a result of a lot of movement. The sleeping bag is a very suitable gift.

sleeping bag
sleeping bag


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