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The spectator’s position is not worthy of the government, and the negligent must be held accountable

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publish date 2022-09-16 13:50:24

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Former MP Ibrahim Abu El-Sid criticized the official government position regarding the incident of the collapse of a building in the Al-Weibdeh area in the capital, Amman, which resulted in casualties and injuries.

In a statement to Al-Basala, Abu El-Sid said that there is a negligence on the part of any official involved in the occurrence of such incidents, pointing out that the government, which charges fees and roofs, was the first to protect the lives of citizens and monitor buildings that are in danger of collapse.

He added, “Today, we are not in the process of blaming the victim, as much as we are keen on the sons of the homeland. We only learn when the ax falls to the head.”

He stressed the need to be vigilant about any incident. The families of the victims must now be compensated and alternative housing for those who remained, stressing the need to hold the defaulters accountable in the first place, whether a governmental or non-governmental official, and a plan must be drawn up to monitor the old buildings for fear of the recurrence of such incidents.

The former MP considered the government’s position regarding the fall of Al-Amarah incident as a position of negligence, and it must take steps to preserve the lives of citizens, declaring support for the formation of a committee aimed at holding the negligent accountable, but with finding a victim to calm souls.

He called on the government to search and investigate all the dilapidated houses to rehabilitate them and to follow up to restore them or evacuate their residents for fear of a renewal such as the Weibdeh disaster.

And the Public Security Directorate announced that the rescue teams were now able to evacuate a third body today from under the rubble, so that the outcome of what was dealt with since the moment the accident was reported is 13 deaths and 10 injuries.

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