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The possibility of the existence of neighborhoods under the ruins of Al-Weibdeh building

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publish date 2022-09-16 10:42:15

The Director of Operations and Training at the Civil Defense Directorate, Colonel Firas Abu Al-Sundus, said that search and rescue operations are continuing around the clock.

He added, in his intervention on the Kingdom screen, that all residents expected to be in the first building, except for one woman, were evacuated, indicating that there is a possibility that there are 3 people in the other building that the building fell on.

He pointed out that the current stage of the rescue is difficult and the automated effort has been introduced in cooperation with the Greater Amman Municipality, stressing that work is underway to introduce other mechanisms.

He stressed that the amount of collapse is large and the technical difficulty is very high, saying, “The overlap of the building and the size and thickness of the knot is very enormous.”

He pointed out that the devices that were used by the search and rescue team are advanced devices, in addition to the use of K9 dogs, noting that all capabilities exist in the field.

He pointed out that based on the message of the Public Security Directorate to protect lives, workers must be careful, technical and professional because of the possibility of injuries alive under the rubble.

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