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The Media Authority reveals some press abuses by covering the Weibdeh incident

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publish date 2022-09-16 20:15:36

In a statement issued by Al-Bawsala, a copy of which was received by the Media Authority, the Media Authority confirmed that some media outlets deviated from their professionalism during their press coverage of the incident of the collapse of a building in Jabal Al-Weibdeh.

The authority explained that there are some observations and abuses that should be alerted to, despite the media’s best efforts in comprehensive coverage of the event and the accompanying great sadness and passion, noting that the aim of this is to benefit from lessons and lessons and pay attention to more professionalism, especially in taking into account the privacy of the victims. and their families, the category of young children and their rights.

Following is the text of the statement:

Notes on the media’s handling of the Weibdeh incident

The painful incident of the collapse of the Al-Weibdeh building, which we lived through in the past few days and we are still awaiting its news, had the greatest presence in the local media scene through media coverage of this event from various media outlets in which the workers, as usual, did their best to convey the scene in its details to the citizens, and the sadness and emotion were overwhelming. Strong hope backed by the hope of getting survivors out of the rubble, these moments, which were carefully monitored by the media, and they sought through their various media to reach comprehensive media coverage, which may be due to the accident that happened to the souls and the greatness of the affliction. And lessons in which we present the interests of the injured and victims to the media scoop, including:

Some media outlets demanded to lift the lid on the victim who was brought out by rescuers from under the rubble, perhaps to inform the victim’s family of his survival, but this act is strongly contrary to the media profession, as this person has his sanctity, privacy and respect. Under the rubble.

One of the important things that the media may neglect is to take into account the feelings of the bereaved person who, from the severity of the tragedy that befell him, is in a psychological state that does not allow him to speak, and as a matter of respecting human rights, he is not photographed and his grief is published in the media only, then he does not have the ability to express Expressing his desire or refusal to photograph him in the state he is in, which he actually has the right to hold accountable for those who spread his pain in the media without his free consent to do so.

The lack of organization in the spread of media professionals at the scene of the accident, as the random presence and approaching places of danger actually hindered the rescuers of the Civil Defense, as the Civil Defense was on the two fronts of rescue for the victims and the removal of the media for fear of unexpected dangers.

The unplanned randomness in the work of the media interviews, some of which caused the transmission of incorrect information or carried in some of them random, unrealistic accusations that may cause a state of confusion among the recipients of the news, and accusations can only be made through judicial authorities.

One of the important matters is the necessity of observing the rights and privacy of children and not conducting media interviews with them without the explicit consent of their parents because of the great importance of childhood, which the Kingdom seeks to protect and not to exploit for any reason.


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