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When thinking about buying a stove, many people first search for the shape, space and method of installation, and then collect what you have found from the research, but we may be confused between the type of gas stove and the electric stove. Therefore, “The Seventh Day” reviews the difference between them, according to the “Seventh Day” website. designswan” As follows:

The main difference

You should be aware that the only difference between them is the method of connection where the gas uses a conductive gas station or movable connection and is ignited by a match or a lighter, while the electric is connected to an electrical source and the burners are ignited by self-ignition.

Which is better?

There is a real difference in appearance due to advances in electric stove technology, while both types are available in a wide range of styles, but there is no doubt that electric models have changed a lot over the years and even match the style of your kitchen décor.

Gas stoves usually feature metal grates over the ceramic burner plates, allowing pots and pans to rest over an open flame, a traditional design that hasn’t changed much, modern electric stoves are completely flat and the burners glow red when heated, or ceramic where a ceramic hob looks Or glass is sleek and modern, much better than older models that feature raised, coil-over heating elements.

Which is easier to maintain and clean – gas or electric?

Both gas and electric models are fairly easy to maintain and all ovens, regardless of type, should be cleaned at least once a month, however gas stoves are difficult to clean, the clamps and ceramic burner covers must be removed to clean them completely, and modern electric stoves are also easy to clean because they are a surface Smooth, but make sure all burners are turned off and cooled before doing this, for more serious maintenance, it would be best to contact a professional, either with gas ovens or electric models, this is especially important for a gas stove, if the gas line is faulty or has some problem This could result in a gas leak or carbon monoxide leakage, both of which are potentially fatal and dangerous.

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