After 16 years of marriage and two daughters.. Fouad and Lolita re-celebrate the wedding in Sesion and a honeymoon

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The beautiful memories that are engraved in the minds only happen through close people who made us feel special no matter how much time passed. Among these memories are birthday parties, occasions and weddings, which remain and no matter how much time passes, they are repeated and told about them, especially with the presence of some snapshots that took their time, But something may happen that makes these images no longer exist and only those memories remain in our memory.

This is what happened with Lolita and her husband, Fouad, after circumstances forced them to come to Egypt from their mother country, Syria, leaving behind their memories that were lost and nothing remains.

Fouad Yahya his memories with Lolita Passion and Honeymoon

Lolita Abu al-Laban, the Syrian woman in her thirties, said in her interview with “The Seventh Day” that the main reason for the session is the loss of all her memories, especially since she used to talk a lot about her wedding in Syria and may cry because she could not keep a few of her pictures to remember those beautiful days, and the decision Her husband made a surprise for her on their 16th wedding anniversary, and created new memories, especially after they stayed in Egypt for nearly 11 years and considered it their second country.

And she continued, “I was surprised that he arranged everything, my daughters were wearing white and Leah’s wedding dress, and he made it the best day of my life.” She concluded her speech by saying: “My husband’s appreciation is enough, he made me own the whole world, and he knew how to make sweeter memories than those that were lost.”


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