A bear storms a child’s birthday party in West Hartford .. Video

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Disney’s magic at a West Hartford birthday party became somewhat real last weekend after a bear smashed the occasion, as a group of friends and family were celebrating a child’s birthday in their backyard with lots of toys, Mickey Mouse gift bags and of course food, according to site fox61.

One of the people present at the party, Raouf Majidan, said in a Facebook post on Sunday that while the popular song Bare Necessities for a band The Jungle Book Shown in the background, a real bear appeared and the guests fled to the house.

From the window of the house, the bear can be seen at the picnic table where the children had been moments before, devouring cakes on the two-level tower..

The bear

bear eats food
bear eats food

Majidan said in another post: “The bear ate more than its share of cake.”

“That’s a big bear,” someone shouted in the background.

“Fortunately, this was towards the end of the party and we all went unharmed, but not without our fair share of screaming and running away,” Majidan added.

This is not the first bear encounter caught on camera in West Hartford this year. In August, a bear entered someone’s garage and about a week later was caught in the same house while being searched.

State environmental officials discourage people from feeding and approaching wild animals.


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