5 ways to encourage your child to exercise and turn it into a lifestyle

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Many parents seek to participate for their children in sports, activities and social activities in order to help them to form a healthy personality physically and psychologically, but they notice the lack of response of their children and this is what makes them change activities for them once and twice, with continued rejection, and this is what makes them wonder why children are alienated from those fun activities And the answer is that they just want to encourage and motivate them, so “The Seventh Day” reviews simple steps that can help you encourage your child and make your life more active and healthy, according to the website.mdanderson” As follows:

To be a role model

Your children watch and imitate your habits, good or bad. If your children see that you are physically active and that you enjoy being active, they are more likely to be active which will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Use exercise as transportation

Take your children to school, by cycling, biking, or even walking, and using the stairs instead of the elevator, all of which increases their activity and fitness.

Involve the whole family

Invite everyone to get involved in motor activities. It’s one of the most successful ways to change your child’s exercise habits. You can volunteer to coach a soccer team and encourage your kids to play, engage in martial arts exercises as a family, join an outdoor adventure, swim or run.

focus on fun

Kids love to have fun, so they’re more likely to keep exercising if they’re doing an activity they enjoy, like playing music and having a dance party.

Make the activity social

Invite your children’s friends to join in the social activity such as throwing them a little party or inviting them to lunch with your child, the number one reason people stick to exercise is to share with the ones they love.





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