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What are the opinions of the Ifta Council on the Child Law? (see)

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publish date 2022-09-12 19:38:28

The Ifta, Research and Islamic Studies Council studied the draft child law and issued a decision to record observations on some articles of the draft law.

Today’s deputies criticized the failure to inform them of the advisory opinion on the draft law.

The Fatwa Council demanded the addition of a text: “The family is the foundation of society, based on religion, morals and patriotism, and the child has the right to live under his family.”

He also called for the addition of a text: “Parents bear the primary responsibility for raising the child, guiding him, guiding him, taking care of him, his development and providing him with the necessary care…”.

The council recommended the inclusion of a text that includes consideration of the different age stages of the child in the law. According to observers, the draft law did not distinguish between children despite the different age stages.

He also called on the Council to include a number of amendments and additions to the text of the draft law.

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