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Referral of the ‘wand nannies’ investigation to the Public Prosecutor

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publish date 2022-09-12 13:23:23

Al-Bawsala – The Public Prosecutor transmitted, on Monday, the official news that I submitted.”Kingdom Channel“, transferred the outputs of the investigative investigation “The Stick Nannies” to the Public Prosecutor, who will initiate the investigation into it.

The investigation, which was published on Thursday, September 8, 2022, revealed, after months of work and investigation, the recruitment of an external institution that claims to “develop and develop behavior” for male and female teachers; To work with them to modify the behavior of students in schools and vocational training centers.

The investigative film revealed the existence of an organized methodology for inflicting corporal punishment on students, in exchange for lump sums of money paid to teachers.

A few months ago, Salam, “a pseudonym,” resorted to the investigative investigation department of “Al-Mamlaka” channel, after an external institution calling itself “Behavioral Development and Development Institutes and Schools” attempted to attract her to work as a behavior modification teacher inside a school or vocational training center in Jordan.

The Foundation asked Salam to implement alleged behavioral methodologies that have not been familiar with science books before, or that they are a figment of the imagination, with the intention of what they called “evaluating the behavior of students and photographing them, in exchange for lump sums of money.”

Ahmed Hamdan, a clinical psychologist, said, “When a child engages in this behavior on a daily basis or more than once a week and in front of his colleagues or in front of the public, it leads to this person accepting the issue, and this danger is in the matter.”

Professor of Sociology and Media, Helmy Sari, said: “Regardless of the philosophy on which these teachers are based, who used to hit children, it is a philosophy that is inconsistent with human values, and is a waste of human dignity.

Hamdan said: “There is no such thing as punishment in this way, and this is subjugation according to what I saw in the videos, and I think that the person who abused had physical violence before, or had a miserable childhood, or physical abuse in his childhood, and took revenge on society.”

“The dangerous thing in these videos is the systematic approach of these abnormal behaviors, the goal of which is clear that it is to create and destroy the awareness of these children by scanning their brains, and to replace cognitive distorted concepts, including homosexuality,” according to Hamdan.

Schools and institutes for behavioral development and development classify themselves, according to one of their officials, as “a reform and evaluation project with the support of multiple institutions, community members, and companies specialized in providing educational and educational services to juveniles.”

“I was shocked by the scenes I saw in these footage, and I was informed from the beginning that these videos are judicial, and condemn people who carry out such acts,” according to Sari.

“The footage promotes violence and humiliation to destroy an entire generation, and makes those who are subjected to beatings one day become criminal projects, and people who practice humiliation, and therefore this matter cannot be accepted,” the educational supervisor Suleiman Hamadna told Al-Mamlaka:

“One day, I found a message on (Messenger) from someone who sent me about a campaign for some people, including students threatening female teachers to assault their daughters because of their punishment, and I inquired about the punishment, and they told me that they are working to rehabilitate the students’ behavior in order to be polite,” according to Salam.

She added, “Her reaction at the beginning of the topic was to tempt me to continue, saying that these students, after obeying them, should feel humiliated and enslaved.”

Salam told Al-Mamlaka, “At the beginning, when you told me about the presence of students rebelling against some female teachers and teachers, and here I thought about the issue a little bit, and came to the idea that this matter would be difficult when they asked that the students be punished by beating them while they were wearing their underwear.”

After certainty entered the heart of the supervisor of behavioral development institutes and schools, that “Salam” had mastered the theoretical side of explaining and understanding the methodology of hitting the students with “flakkat” on the back of the students, he asked her to submit an official application in order to join them.

Salam said, “The institution began to convince me that the goal is for students to submit to this punishment by taunting them, and this contradicts what they say is the behavioral and psychological rehabilitation of students.”

Within hours, a text message arrives via the “WhatsApp” application from a British number stating that the “Salam” request has arrived at this school, and that it has been given a number for the submitted request if it wants to review them or inquire about the status of the request.

Salam said, “I sent some videos to some teachers claiming that they are behavioral rehabilitation for some students. If they comply with them during the lesson and complete all their duties, and when they do not comply, they will be punished by beatings on the back of their body in a humiliating manner, up to 50 times a week for the non-compliant student.”

Professor of Sociology and Media, Helmy Sari, said, “What results from this kind of beating and violence has devastating effects on everyone, on the student and on the teacher himself. Because he had a problem with his personality, so he was beaten and took pleasure, and what we saw is something painful and makes us stop to see how we can be treated and to inform the Ministry of Education of what is happening in these schools and the Ministry of Social Development responsible for care homes and inform the parents themselves about the humiliating way their children are exposed to them in dealing with his reform and modification of his behavior.”

Hamdan said, “The strange thing is that females beat teenage students in this humiliating way, out of normal, and in a state of submission, negotiating the method of punishment,” explaining that “this punishment does not fall under the item of behavior modification, or modification of any deformation.” My knowledge exists in any human being, and this is 100% systematic work; to create a distorted society.

The personal page of the owner of this project appears on social networks, that she specializes in psychology, and defines herself as “the director of the Arab Nannies Project.” and the Maghreb countries.

The shocking matter during the investigation is that the organization has been working for more than 8 years according to standard advertisements published on the pages of some of its founders, and that the goal is to attract strict female teachers, according to tight conditions, with priority given to those with experience in rebellious behavior, and in return offering them financial temptations. Unlimited.

Salam, she said, “One of the shots that I received from the institution was of a child being beaten in a school, and begging the teacher not to hit him, and he says that he will not “repeat her again,” explaining that “the amount of beating that was inflicted on him was brutal, and it was not to rehabilitate behavior, and all of that.” In order for the teacher to get paid for it.”

Hamdan called on the parents to have a dialogue with their children to know what is happening with them at school, saying, “These behaviors of beating may lead to cognitive distortion of the child, and it is difficult to return him to his normal situation after he has a problem with his concept of himself, his personality and himself.”

Professor of Sociology and Media, Helmy Sari, said, “This method does not indicate the morals of a teacher or an educational philosophy; It is a waste of human dignity, and the child loses his self-confidence, and this philosophy is based on secrets that contain a kind of latent and unclear regarding the dimension to which this is brought up by another matter.”

He added: “What I have seen and what I have seen is neither compatible nor consistent with the modern educational foundations of education.”

The first consultant for child and juvenile psychiatry, Amjad Jumean, told Al-Mamlaka that “this stage of the child is the stage of forming his personality until he becomes a respectable young human being, and when the child is hit in this way and on the back of his body, it is a humiliating method.”

Hamdan said, “What we have seen of scenes are from different countries present in the Arab world, and this indicates that the process is systematic, that the method of punishment does not differ from one school to another, or from one country to another.”

The educational supervisor, Suleiman Hamadna, said, “If this happens, the student whose behavior will be abnormal, whether in his view of the teacher instead of looking at love, respect and morals, and this student becomes hates his teachers and the school or hates parents, and he may start applying this to his colleague, sister, or his nephews, which distorts the image of society.”

But what was troubling; What we found while searching on the website of this institution, after selecting the teachers, they are presented with a “Behavioral Rehabilitation Diploma” for 6 months from the University of Oxford or Cambridge.

Salam, she says, that “the institution was referring to it that those who carry out this punishment or behavioral rehabilitation of students in Syria, Jordan, the Arab Maghreb, the Gulf states, and the institution’s workplace are from the Gulf states.”

She added that “the institution takes advantage of people’s material needs in light of the difficult financial conditions and requests to attract others in exchange for a sum of money paid weekly, provided that the required punishment is applied and filmed via video.”

The first consultant for child and juvenile psychiatry, Amjad Jumaan, said: “I think that these characters are troubled, and the teacher who is beaten in this way has a problem, and another was carrying a stick and referring to the method of beating. I think 100%, that she suffers from a type of personality disorder.”

The “Under investigation” team communicated through an official letter with the Cambridge University administration, to come to the response that there is no specialization related to the rehabilitation of behavior according to the methodology adopted by this institution, and therefore there is no validity for this certificate or the courses offered by them, and the same is true with the University of Oxford, according to the email sent from before them.

Salam said: “My feeling is indescribable, and my psyche is very tired, and I put myself in the place of parents who are safe for their children in schools and vocational institutes,” noting at the same time that some parents “believe that the beatings that their children received in schools are normal, like the ones they were subjected to in their schools. In the past”.

Sari said, “What I saw in these footage raises terror and anxiety that these schools allow a teacher or teacher to hit students in an inappropriate, inhuman and disgusting manner by asking students to beat in a bad way in front of their colleagues, at a time when Some of the students laugh at him.

This laughter of the child may be because he knows that he is photographing, and does not want to appear weak in character, or it may be intended to create a generation that accepts beatings and enjoys beatings, and desires to be beaten. And we need to reconsider it and its methods,” according to Sari to “The Kingdom.”

Jumaan, he said: “In my personal opinion as a doctor and educator, a boy who is beaten in this way and stretches his body in this way on the seat in the classroom and turns his back in front of the teacher, and is beaten in this way, this is raising humiliation and the child becomes an immature human being, and he can accept anything in his life.” .

Behavioral development and development institutes and schools, according to their official website, are based in Dubai. We contacted the Knowledge and Human Development Authority via e-mail to confirm the licenses of this institution. The response came that there is no official license in the room’s records in the name of the Institute for Behavioral Development and Development.

Sabreen Dahbour, one of the cases who was offered to work with this network, told Al-Mamlaka: “I had doubts that these things were being implemented in Jordan, to talk about the possibility of actually implementing it publicly, as it sends videos from schools in Jordan, confirming the presence of this thing in the center Or in a school, and I hope that these things do not exist.”

She added, “I was attracted by some people on a Facebook page, they asked me to abuse children in exchange for a sum of money that I would get later.”

The work of behavioral development and development institutes and schools is divided into two parts. The first works to attract male and female teachers in a number of Arab countries, and the other is related to providing support to entrepreneurs specialized in the youth category, or by supporting the owners of charitable societies, or professional and academic institutes, in return for applying the methodology. their behavioral.

The Director of the Behavioral Development and Development Schools made several attempts to persuade Sabreen to work with them, by sending videos of beating students inside local schools to prove the facts, and documenting them by sending the names of the schools, and some of the charities that cooperate with them to implement their behavioral methodology.

Dahbour says, “The director contacted me and started explaining to me about their method and giving me incentives to work with her…especially when I learned that I wanted to establish a training and education academy,” noting that she started telling her that she would support her financially.

Dahbour added that the principal “told me that development schools in Jerash governorate are cooperating with her,” stressing that she refused the offer without “official books.”

She added that the institution “did not know how to stop offering offers… they were trying to convince me to deal with them… they kept trying with me.”

A team under investigation asked Salam to follow up the conversation with the supervisor of behavioral development institutes and schools, in an attempt to obtain compelling evidence of their workplaces in the Kingdom, but found that the process of accepting teachers to work for them is subject to several stages.

Salam said, “The principal will send her a stick and a special garment after confirming her approval,” and indicated that the principal continued to send videos of children being abused in this way in Jordanian homes and homes in other countries.

But the team later asked Salam to stop working with them, because of the danger to her life.

And after four months of working on this investigation, and the testimonies that were documented, and hearing from specialists that psychological and behavioral therapy may not work with students who were abused as a result of repeating the behavior on them, but we decided that this methodology must be stopped; Protection for future generations that may distort cognitive and behavioral.

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