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“Al-Daghmi” warns of “subversive organizations” interfering in children’s affairs

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publish date 2022-09-12 14:17:43

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Parliament Speaker Abdel Karim Al-Daghmi criticized the inclusion of the competent authorities in Article (2), Paragraph (b) of the Child Rights Law, which Parliament began discussing on Monday.

Al-Daghmi said in his intervention that the joint committee did not pay attention to the consequences of this article, as the article was fat and contains poison from within, expressing his fears of foreign funding organizations interfering in children’s affairs through the word “private or civil,” and what the head of the committee stated that eligibility means municipalities, these institutions operate in accordance with the laws in force.

Al-Daghmi expressed his objection to the inclusion of the word “private parties” in the law, for fear that the “NGOs” organizations, which we do not respect, will implement because I know their source, and they are organizations that subvert society and its values.

He called for approval of the parliamentary proposal, that the term “competent authorities”, as stipulated in the law, means the official authorities concerned with children and charged with providing services to them within the Kingdom in accordance with the legislation in force.

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