“Take it off before wearing or washing” a label on the clothes that confuses “Social Media”

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“Remove it before wearing or washing.” A sticker attached to the clothes asks the purchaser of the product to cut this part before using it, whether it is washed or worn, and the sticker raised the questions of many on social media. Electronic theft prevention, and can cause embarrassment when passing through the gates of malls or shops, so what is the truth of this piece? Here is the answer according toanswer-to-all“.

What is the “remove before washing or wearing” label?

This tag includes an RFID chip, which is a chip that uses radio waves to capture data digitally through a bar coding. They are used to identify objects automatically, collect data, and then enter that data directly into computer systems with minimal human intervention.

The apparel industries use this technology to save time between manufacturing and retail brands. A device that reads these tapes can erase data even from a distance. This mark reduces the risk of product imitation or loss.

Cut before washing or wearing

Can clothes be washed with the label on it?

Sometimes they warn against washing the clothes with this label, sometimes it can make a lot of mess due to the ink on the label, which can damage the garment with its dye.

Can someone be tracked using the tag

system can be implemented RFID Active enabling tracking of people in locations where you need devices GPS Expensive in the past, using technology RFID Modern people are tracked anywhere and they move freely but the primary objective of this tag is not tracking or spying.

Is it possible to track my use?

RFID can be used to automatically track assets, asset tracking uses electromagnetic fields to transmit data from the tag to the reader.

How is the mark destroyed?

The easiest way to get rid of the tag is to put it in the microwave for 5 seconds, this will literally melt the chip and antenna making it impossible to read again.





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