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It is very important that canned or packaged foods be checked for their expiration date before you buy them, and before you use them as well. But there are a lot of dates written on the packages, some of which do not indicate the expiration date of the food as they indicate the quality of the food rather than the safety, which means that products such as eggs, yogurt, etc., may generally be good to eat after these dates. To avoid food waste, consumers should evaluate the quality of food before deciding to eat it and should know the difference between different expiration dates according to the website.realsimple“.

The difference between expiration dates

Best if use “before”

There is a date on the food packaging next to it: Best if used before this date. This is the date for quality assurance and serves as a suggestion for the history of the best taste and quality of the food.

use before

This is the suggested date of consumption but once a day or two has passed it will no longer make you sick, but the quality of the food must be ensured.

sale on date

This date is not for safety, it is a date only for retailers, and helps them determine how long the package should remain on the shelf, and one-third of the food’s shelf life remains, after the date of sale to the consumer for use at home.

Freeze in history

For example, according to the USDA, this is the date when the product was frozen to maintain the highest quality, and is not the date the product was purchased or a safety date.

What is the shelf life of foods after the expiration date

Many may ask about this, because there are many foods that have not been used yet, and they do not know how to deal with them. If history passes on the food or while storing it at home, the product must remain safe and useful if it is handled correctly, and it is possible to know whether the product is damaged Aroma, flavour, or texture, all with the exception of milk.

Search for history

Expiration date
Expiration date

Expiration date
Expiration date


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