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King Charles III appeared for the first time in the new royal hall during his proclamation this morning as king, and according to what was published by the British “Daily Mail” website, the new king, aged 73, installed a sapphire brooch on a black tie.

The brooch bears the two letters “RCThese are the initials of Charles Rex.Charles Rex‘, which means Charles King in Latin, a symbol that would soon be found on banknotes, passports, mailboxes and more across Britain during the remainder of his reign, as those letters would soon adorn paper currency, coins, passports, British stamps and much more. To reflect the reign of Charles.

King Charles and his wife Camilla

The new letters of King Charles come after the royal insignia read “E” And the “RDuring the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, according toElizabeth ReginaAnd King Charles appeared, with a new brooch this morning, and which was fastened to a small crown set with precious stones.

The “Daily Mail” report indicated that usually the red mail boxes located throughout the country can be decorated with the royal sapphire, in addition to government buildings throughout the Commonwealth, government papers and fee stamps, as the royal staff wears the sapphire symbol on their clothes, as do members of the military. The Navy in uniform.

It is noteworthy that at 10 a.m. this morning, the Council of Accession – an old body of chancellors dating back to the time of the Norman conquest – formally proclaimed his role as King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, including Supreme Head of the Church of England and Commander-in-Chief of the British Armed Forces , as well as the Head of State of the Commonwealth of Nations and British territories around the world.

Brooch of King Charles III
Brooch of King Charles III

Broadcast cameras were allowed into the historic event to give the world a first glimpse of a centuries-old ceremony – and one of the first changes to the convention instigated by the new king. who declares the new king, while crowds gather outside the palace where the king is officially proclaimed.

Gun salutes were fired at Hyde Park, the Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle, Hillsborough Castle and Cardiff Castle, before the Cold Stream Rangers performed the national anthem alongside eight cavalry trumpeters.


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