Behind the scenes of the last picture of Queen Elizabeth II before her death. The photographer tells the details

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The British newspaper, Sky News, revealed the scenes of the last photo taken by the Press Association photographer, Jane Barlow, during the late Queen’s meeting with the current British Prime Minister Liz Terrace, and photographer Jane Barlow says that she had a short conversation with Queen Elizabeth II, about the gloomy weather. But she said the Queen’s mood was just the opposite, as she was in high spirits on this day.

The photographer who took the Queen’s last public photo before her death spoke about what happened when they met, as Jane Barlow, a photographer for the Press Association, was sent to Balmoral to capture the moment the Queen met new Prime Minister Liz Terrace, on Tuesday, to formally ask her to form a government. According to the British “Sky News” website.

Photojournalist Jane Barlow

Barlow snapped some pictures of the Queen while she was waiting for the Conservative Party leader to arrive at her Scottish home. A day of thunderstorms and heavy rain, in true British style.

Barlow remembers that the Queen’s mood was the exact opposite of the gloomy weather..

Queen Elizabeth greeted by Tees Truss
Queen Elizabeth greets Liz Terrace

The photographer said: “Taking the photo is a real honor and privilege, I was there to photograph her meeting with the new Prime Minister, but for me the best photo was the image of the Queen alone, and it is clearly more important now,” and added that “The Queen certainly looked more fragile than she was.” When it was filmed in the summer.

Queen Elizabeth and Tees Truss
Queen Elizabeth and Lisa Terrace

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II


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