An old Indian man walks around with a fake “zaffa” to tell the authorities that he is alive after stopping his pension

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In a stranger than fiction, a 102-year-old man in Rohtak, India, made a unique walk last weekend, when he rode a wedding carriage and walked through the streets to the tunes of a brass band, to prove that he is alive in official records. He was pronounced dead even though he is still alive, according to tribuneindia.

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Dolly Chand, a resident of the village of Gandra in India’s Rohtak district, wore a wreath, as is custom for newlyweds in the town, and took a motorcade from Mansarovar Park to the Canal Rest House in Rohtec to pressure the state government to restore his pension, which was suspended in March of this year..

old man
old man

Naveen Gehind, the former head of the Haryana unit, said Dolly Chand had appeared as “dead” in government records and his pension had been suspended..

Dulhi Chand and his supporters even carried banners on their way to the government office, one of them wrote “Thara Vova Zinda Hai (Your uncle is still alive)”, and at the end of his trip, Dulhi Chand and Jihind, a former minister and party leader, met BJP Manish Grover, demanded his pension back, and showed him his papers.


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