An emotional snapshot of King Charles from the scenes of his first speech after the death of Queen Elizabeth.. Video

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In a new behind-the-scenes video clip of Buckingham Palace’s photo room, King Charles III looked humble and sentimental as he finished delivering his first national address, as the new king paid tribute to the memory of his “dear mother” the Queen, vowed to renew her promise to a life of faithful service, and delivered a personal address. A profound revelation to the nation.

Britain’s King spoke to the nation from the same room where his mother wrote dozens of Christmas messages in a historic nod to her admirable legacy. “To my dear mother, thank you,” the king said, weeping, as he paid tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, “as an inspiration and an example.” me and all my family, after her death in Balmoral on Thursday.”

In a poignant speech performed at a prayer service at St Paul’s Cathedral, the King spoke of “a time of change for my family”, while praising his beloved wife Camilla, who became queen in appreciation, for her faithful public service since our marriage 17 years ago..

Charles, 72, presented an olive branch to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, saying he “would like to express his love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives abroad”. Diana played it last time.

King Charles during the speech

In the new video released by the palace, King Charles appears in the moments before and after his speech as cameras and lighting were organized around him, and the footage shows Charles sitting at a desk at Buckingham Palace, while a royal photographer takes a picture of the historic occasion..

Broadcast cameras, sound technicians and large lamps can be seen stationed around him, and to Charles’ left is a portrait of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, dressed in pale blue, to his right, a small flower bouquet on the corner of the table.

King Charles
King Charles

The king is shown in the suit and tie he wore for the address itself, complete with his black and white handkerchief. Then new footage shows the king taking an interest in events around him, talking to what might be assumed the artistic team, and apparently asking the camera crew: “Are you done?” After a passionate speech to the nation, then looking forward to sharing a smile with the crew before getting up from his seat, he turned to the camera as if he was about to cry because of the force of the moment..

The video, which was posted on the royal family’s YouTube channel, quickly garnered touching comments from members of the public, and one viewer said: “His eyes speak of his great pain.. God loves and comforts him.” Another wrote: “We still give a lot of time to the world.” …a king and still a child.”



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