10 Secrets to Promote Healthy Hair Growth..From Eating to Sleeping

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Many women like their hair to be thick, healthy, and grow quickly, and it may take a long time for hair to grow about 6 inches each year on average, and sometimes hair growth may be minimal, especially when most people lose 50-100 hairs every day. To maintain the health and appearance of the hair, there are secrets for rapid growth and home remedies that increase hair density, according to the website.goodhousekeeping“.

Get strong limbs

If you want to have long and healthy hair, hair should be trimmed regularly, although cutting hair does not make the hair grow faster, but it gets rid of the split ends of the hair, and eliminating hair splitting gives the appearance that the hair grows faster, and may lead to split ends to hair loss.

proper diet

Having long and strong hair does not depend only on the products that are placed on the hair, but depends on what you put in the body, the hair must be nourished from the inside, and there are some foods that make hair grow faster, and that contain a high percentage of protein, such as meat, fish and beans Nuts and whole grains, and minerals such as zinc, iron and omega-3 fatty acids must be obtained, and contribute to hair health.

Add vitamins to your daily routine

If the diet does not provide enough nutrition, a supplement can make a big difference, and you should look for multivitamins, which support healthy hair, and also get better skin in the meantime.

Less shampoo, more hydration

The use of shampoo affects the health of the hair, because washing hair with shampoo two to three times a week allows the natural oils to penetrate into the hair, allowing it to moisturize and repair it.

The hair can be coated with a hair mask or detangler that prevents damage while untangling the strands, and the cinnamon that contains can stimulate blood circulation to encourage hair to grow and become stronger.

Get rid of the ovary

If the hair is coloured, the cortex is damaged by bleaching, there can be more breakage or split ends, and the fewer chemical treatments the better the hair will grow.

Avoid over styling

Hair should not be excessively styled, so as not to damage the hair and break it.

Hair should be combed regularly

You should not go to sleep with the hair undressed, because this is beneficial for the health of the hair and scalp in general, and this step helps the scalp to stimulate blood circulation, which makes the scalp more healthy.

Keep a cool bath and focus on the scalp

Bathing with hot water leads to drying out the skin, and it is harsh on the hair, so you should reduce the heat when cleaning, and you can massage the hair with fingers with the use of shampoo to remove stickiness deeply, which enhances blood circulation.

hair protection

The hair may break easily when wet, and for this reason, any tangle of hair must be untangled before washing it. Use a gentle, wide-tooth comb, to detangle, to reduce any friction, and start in small sections to prevent any chance of hair snagging.

Sleeping on a silk pillow

It is possible to get better hair by sleeping on a silk pillowcase because silk is gentler on the hair, it avoids tangles and breakage, and the less hair breakage the longer, healthy and shiny hair will be.

healthy hair

Thick hair
Thick hair

silk pillows
silk pillows


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