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We receive workers’ complaints electronically and follow up on the ground

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publish date 2022-09-11 21:52:27

The Director of Inspection at the Ministry of Labor, Haitham Al-Najdawi, said on Sunday that 585 complaints had been received since the beginning of this year until today.

Al-Najdawi added, “Today there is a problem with the employer, and the lack of compliance with legal standards, which is a problem and we do not deny it, but there is no 100% commitment, neither in Jordan nor in the world.”

He pointed out that there are complaints being received from the worker himself, and this indicates the worker’s awareness to claim his rights and asylum to the Ministry of Labor, and there are routine visits by labor inspectors.

With regard to inspection and private and computerized complaints, Al-Najdawi said that the labor inspector does not work online; Rather, he works face to face with the employer, but complaints are received electronically. The kingdom

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