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“Food and Drug” activates services through its commissioner at the investment window

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publish date 2022-09-11 15:39:00

The Food and Drug Corporation, through its commissioner at the Investment Window at the Ministry of Investment, has activated services, including issuing health certificates for export purposes to food factories registered in development areas in the event that there is a report of the last scout visit to the Corporation and within a period not exceeding 3 months.

In addition to the service of issuing Good Manufacturing Certificate (GMP) certificate validity books for factories of medical supplies, cosmetics and pharmaceutical cosmetics, without the need to visit the Corporation’s headquarters, the Corporation said in a statement on Sunday.

And the Director General of the Foundation, Nizar Mhaidat, stated that “granting such powers to the commissioner of the Foundation at the Investment Window aims to simplify and expedite the procedures for investors and save time and effort when completing their transactions and at the highest levels of efficiency and quality,” pointing to the “constant communication approach with investors to find out their issues and observations.” And finding immediate solutions to deal with it, in addition to providing technical advice in the various fields of the institution’s work.”

The Corporation is constantly working to expand the powers granted to its commissioner at the Investment Window within a well-studied plan according to priorities. It also harnesses all its capabilities to promote investment in the food, pharmaceutical and medical supplies industries, in a manner that achieves the royal directives and visions for Jordan to be a leading regional center for these industries.

The Corporation invites, in the event of any consultation, inquiry or note in this regard, to review its commissioner at the Investment Window at the Ministry of Investment, or communicate with him via e-mail:

[email protected] [email protected]

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