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Discrimination upholds a life sentence for an Asian woman who beat up her friend’s infant daughter

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publish date 2022-09-11 20:46:03

The Court of Cassation upheld a life sentence against a woman of Asian nationality, who tortured a two-year-old girl who was left by her mother with the care and upbringing of the accused, due to the preoccupation of the complainant’s mother, who works as a domestic worker and bears the same nationality as the accused.

The accused continued to torture and beat the little girl, throughout her stay in her home, until the mother was prevented from visiting her betrayed daughter to check on her, due to the Corona pandemic, and during the four months that the child spent, she was subjected to beatings and brutal torture, until she died.

In March of this year, the High Criminal Court issued a decision to criminalize the accused, of the felony of murder, while brutally torturing the victim before killing him, in contravention of the provisions of Article 327/4 of the Penal Code.

The details of the decision, which Roya obtained a copy of, stated that the child was not registered in the official records, and the DNA examination revealed that the complainant of Asian nationality is the biological mother of the girl, and because her husband traveled to his Asian country.

While the mother of the child, who works as a domestic worker, was busy working, the complainant’s mother placed her betrayed child with the accused, in order to take care of her and raise her in return for a monthly wage of 120 dinars.

According to the decision, the complainant usually reassures her daughter through a telephone conversation with the accused, and attends to visit her daughter at the accused’s home in Amman, and the last visit of the complainant, who saw her daughter with the accused in May 2020, during the month of Ramadan.

Because of the Corona pandemic and the mother of the victim’s preoccupation with work, since from May 2020 until September 2020, her presence was not proven in the area of ​​the accused’s home during this period, especially from 7-6-2020 to 7-9-2020.

The decision indicated that during that period, and continuously and at intervals, the accused, while the victim was in her care, assaulted her with beatings, brutal torture and cruelty on different parts of the body, and she was photographing the tortured child through her phone.

On 9-7-2020, the accused beat the victim with a satisfied tool with the intent of killing her after inflicting various types of torture on her until she lost consciousness. She called a neighbor and asked him to help the girl.

The accused took the girl after her health deteriorated to a hospital, and there it was found that the girl had died.

According to the decision to conduct an examination of the body and an autopsy, it was found that the slain girl was emaciated during life, with bruises and lacerations, especially in the face and limbs, consistent with hitting a solid and satisfied body.

In addition to the presence of bruising in the interior of the scalp, swelling in the brain region and bleeding in its membranes, resulting from the severe impact of the head on a body satisfied with the state of movement, and the presence of bruises on the right lung and small intestine on the left side, and the top of the spine and chest.

The forensic report stated that the age of the injuries, especially the new ones, was less than a week, with old injuries at different periods of time, and these injuries were consistent with the tormented child syndrome.

It is noteworthy that the verdict issued against the accused was executed last Thursday by arresting the accused because of her earlier release.

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