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A new strategy for making in Jordan to qualify industrial companies to export their products

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publish date 2022-09-11 08:45:38

The General Authority of the Amman Chamber of Industry held its regular annual meeting headed by Eng. Fathi Al-Jaghbir and in the presence of Vice President Ahmed Al-Khodari and members of the Chamber’s board of directors Saad Yassin, Tamim Al-Qasrawi, Dima Sukhtian and Ahed Al-Rajabi. Before the heavy attendance witnessed by the meeting.

Jaghbir said at the opening of the meeting that the indicators of economic activity showed that there is a strong contribution of the industrial sector in leading economic growth and supporting the balance of payments and government revenues in a way that enabled decision makers in the Jordanian state to shed more light on the sector and its outputs, reflecting the great importance of the sector’s requirements to further contribute to various axes The Jordanian economic and social system, which enabled the Chamber’s board of directors to increase the level of coordination and give more momentum towards paving the way for the sector and solving a number of obstacles facing the increase in industrial activity.

In response to the inquiries of a number of colleagues in the General Assembly, Al-Jaghbir indicated that the Chamber achieved financial savings during the past year that led to closing previous financial deficits, through the success of the Chamber’s management in increasing its revenues. and control its expenses
In his response to a question by a member of the General Authority about travel and assigned to the Chamber, Jaghbir revealed that the travel rate for members and employees of the Amman Chamber of Industry during the past four years was less than half of the previous rates, as indicated by the Chamber’s financial report.

Jaghbir added that the growth of national exports during 2021 reached nearly 20% compared to 2020, as the Jordanian industry ranked first among the countries of the Middle East and North Africa and 22nd globally in the index of the contribution of industrial value added to the gross domestic product, according to the International Industrial Competitiveness Report issued About the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), while Jordan is ahead of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE in indicators of all industrialization and its quality in the same report.

For his part, the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Amman Chamber of Industry, Mr. Tamim Al-Qasrawi, who moderated the meeting of the General Assembly, said that this meeting comes within the framework of the legal entitlement of the General Authority to approve the financial and administrative reports, discharge the Chamber’s Board of Directors, and appoint an auditor before the legal due date of the Chambers elections industrial.

In his speech in the annual report, Jaghbir said that the Chamber’s board of directors had followed up during the year 2021 the call to apply reciprocity with countries that put obstacles in front of Jordanian exports to their markets, and succeeded in persuading the government to adopt the application of reciprocity with the imports of countries that hinder the entry of Jordanian exports to it starting from the year 2022. To protect the national industry and support an increase in Jordanian exports by 5% during the current year at least, in addition to implementing the electronic platform program for registering the Kingdom’s imports from countries that implement similar programs with the aim of identifying the regulating conditions of the program, and strengthening the quality control mechanisms for imported products into the Kingdom.

Jaghbir explained that the Chamber has continued to launch a program of financial grants within the project of the Jordanian Innovation Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to support small and medium-sized factories in the areas of digital transformation and industrial automation, which is one of the Chamber’s major pioneering projects in the field of future foresight and digital transformation.

With regard to the “Made in Jordan” campaign, it continued its activities during 2021 and a new strategy for the campaign was adopted, in line with the royal directives to enhance self-reliance, achieve food security and support the competitiveness of the Jordanian industry locally and abroad, by qualifying industrial companies to export their products to new export markets In cooperation with the relevant authorities, develop its products and improve its promotional materials.

Jaghbir indicated that the Chamber continued to support the participation of industrialists in national and international exhibitions during 2021, as the participation of Jordanian industrialists in (6) local and (8) international exhibitions was supported, as more than (70) industrial companies benefited from this support.

And legislatively, the Chamber has followed up on a number of draft laws and legislation of an economic nature with the relevant ministries and the Senate and House of Representatives through the committees emanating from them, most notably the draft investment law for the year 2022, the draft law of the Amman Municipality, the draft companies law, the draft implementation law for the year 2022, the draft penal code And many other bills and regulations.

With regard to the most important industrial issues that the Chamber’s board of directors followed up, Jagbir explained that they focused on granting the national industry a preference in price by 15% in government tenders as long as they conform to the Jordanian technical conditions and specifications, with an emphasis on the concerned authorities not to specify foreign origin in the bids, and exempting Industrial production inputs that do not have a customs declaration, in addition to following up on many individual cases of industrialists with institutions and bodies, especially the Department of Income Tax, Sales, Customs, the Amman Municipality, the Ministry of Labor, the Public Institution for Social Security, and issues related to the renewable energy sector.

And the Chamber’s Board of Directors believes in the importance of the human factor in the development of the national industry. The European-Jordanian Institute for Business Development, the Chamber’s training arm, organized a number of training courses and programs in various disciplines, in which more than (200) representatives of industrial companies participated.

At the end of the meeting, the discussion was opened to the attendance of the General Assembly, who expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the Chamber’s Board of Directors in supporting the industrial sector and the achievements made during the past four years at all levels.

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