Schools are approaching.. How do you let your child love school and keep attending?

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Some children do not prefer to go to their schools for various reasons, including waking up early and some teachers treat them harshly or for other reasons, so the mother must deal with this problem and find solutions for it in order to encourage her child to go to school by following some of the tips that we review in this report According to the website,tasteinc“.

How did you let your child love school?

reward system

The mother should motivate her child to study and go to school by setting up a reward system for any achievement during the school day, such as giving him chocolate or allowing him to watch his favorite movie or take a walk with him in one of his favorite entertainment places, which encourages him to go to school.

A mother talking to her child


The mother should also encourage her child to form friendships with his classmates and urge him to bring them home at any time, which encourages him to go to school and the presence of the child among his friends helps in forming his social personality.

school activities

One of the best ways to make a child prefer going to school is to participate in school activities, whether sports or art, which motivate him to go to school.


Talk to the child

The mother should show her interest in her child’s school day by talking to him about his day, the school activities he practiced, the study materials he prefers, and other things related to the school in order to make him love the school and encourage him to go to it.

A mother talking to her child
A mother talking to her child

Pay attention to the lessons

The mother should always encourage her child to pursue his interests. If he loves history, she must accompany him to a museum or some archaeological area to watch and learn history closely.


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