Michael Fagan .. The story of a man who broke into Buckingham Palace twice and infiltrated the Queen’s room

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Everyone who watched the series “The Crown”The CrownHe knows that the story of the man who infiltrated the bedroom of Queen Elizabeth II in 1982 was repeated, and the story of Michael Fagan was considered one of the most famous unusual incidents in British history at the time of its occurrence.

As we bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth, we cannot forget the strange story of this unemployed painter, decorator, painter, decorator, and unemployed man, who was sitting on the radio listening to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, frightened by the soaring unemployment rate. big.

Michael Fagan tried to talk to a local representative about his concerns, but he joked that he should go himself to Buckingham Palace and speak to the Queen in person and tell her about those concerns.

Indeed, Michael Fagan took the advice literally that was given to him, and went to the palace and climbed the fence surrounding its walls, then entered the drainpipe and through it, and then was able to enter the palace through one of the windows that were not closed.

During the events of the series, it appears that a maid felt the movements of the intruder Michael Fagan, before he could reach the queen’s bedroom, and he was able to escape before anyone could catch him, and at that time the queen was not in the palace anyway, and when he learned yet By the time she returned to the palace he made another attempt to infiltrate.

Michael Fagan said in an interview with the British newspaper “Express”, that he entered Buckingham Palace twice, the first time he succeeded when entering by avoiding the sirens, and he made a tour of the palace, and even ate biscuits and cheese, while enjoying watching some of the beautiful paintings in the palace And he had the opportunity to sit on the queen’s chair with a half-bottle of the drink, and then he left.

As for his attempt to infiltrate the palace the second time, it was on July 9, 1982, at about 7:15 am. He was able to climb the drain pipe again and entered through the same window that he had crossed the previous time. The sirens sounded, but it was discovered that it was due to a mistake.

Michael Fagan revealed that when he was in the palace, he injured his hand by breaking a glass ashtray, but this is the opposite of what the series showed of events, which clarified that he injured his hand while opening the window, and reached the bedroom of the queen, who woke up and left, and the police caught him and deposited him in a psychiatric hospital for 3 months.

He stated during a radio interview in 1993, about the details of what happened to him during his infiltration of the palace, and that he spoke with the queen, who offered him the drink, and that he wanted to clarify his point of view as an ordinary young man who covers his expenses, and he does not know how he reached the queen’s room among the many other rooms in the palace .

Queen Elizabeth

Michael Fagan
Michael Fagan

queen elizabeth
queen elizabeth


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