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Britain’s King Charles III announced in an official speech that the forty-year-old Prince William will be named heir to the British throne and the Prince of Wales. for our national conversations.

Thus, Kate Middleton, the first Princess of “Wales” after Princess Diana, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son Prince Charles became the king of the country, and thus his eldest son Prince William became the crown prince and the first in line to inherit the throne, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail” ” British.

And through the official accounts on the “Instagram” and “Twitter” website, for both Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William, their username was officially changed to prince and princess of Walesa royal source told Hello“The Prince and Princess of Wales will approach their roles as modestly as they have treated their work before,” adding that Kate “appreciates the history associated with this role but understandably wants to look to the future as she is creating her own path.”

Princess Diana has had the title of Princess of Wales since her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981, and when he married Camilla Parker Bowles, in 2005, she was awarded the title of Duchess of Cornwall, and did not receive the title Princess of Wales, out of respect for Diana, and now that Prince Charles is King Charles Officially, Camilla will be known as the Queen Consort.

Twitter account of the Prince and Princess of Wales
Twitter account of the Prince and Princess of Wales

Members of the British royal family are witnessing a change of titles after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who lived the longest reign in Britain, as Britain mourns the death of her beloved queen after 70 wonderful years on the throne, after the longest reigning woman in the country died at the age of 96 , in Balmoral, Scotland.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II sparked an immediate outpouring of emotions, as thousands of mourners gathered outside the gates of Buckingham Palace and other royal buildings yesterday evening, but according to what was published by the Daily Mail, her death also caused a name change for a number of members of the royal family, including These include the former Prince of Wales, now King Charles III, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

The Prince and Princess of Wales Instagram account
The Prince and Princess of Wales Instagram account

Some titles were automatically changed upon the Queen’s death due to the change in the line of succession, such as Prince Charles becoming King, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor becoming Prince, however, other titles will not be inherited, unless granted by Prince Charles, as Prince William can be granted the title Prince of Wales from his father, while Prince Edward may become Duke of Edinburgh.


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