How does the frequency of childbearing affect the marital relationship? The deterioration of mental health is the main harm

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“Tie him with children”, “Bring a family to renew your love” sayings and ideas that are passed down from generation to generation dedicated to the idea that having more children is a guaranteed way to consolidate the marital relationship, but the truth is that the opposite is true, as Reham Abdel Rahman, a mental health and family counseling consultant says The abundance of childbearing effect On the one hand, the marital relationship is negative, on the one hand effect On the psychological and physical health of women, on the other hand effect On the husband’s ability to provide the necessary life requirements for the children, and make him crushed in the mills of providing for the large family expenses and shackled to his financial responsibilities towards them.

It explains the most important negative effects of the large number of children on the marital relationship

Damage to the large number of children

The deterioration of the physical health of the mother

Having many children without any time differences between them leads to the mother’s infection with many diseases such as: uterine prolapse, severe anemia, pallor of the skin, the possibility of diabetes and high blood pressure.

carelessness in her appearance

The large number of children makes the mother in a state of constant pressure and nervousness due to the large number of burdens and responsibilities required of her, which makes her take care of the children at the expense of her appearance.

husband neglect

As a result of the presence of many children, most of whom are of different educational levels and of similar ages; This takes a lot of women’s attention and time, which makes the husband feel neglected, and scientific studies have proven that most cases of separation and betrayal between spouses are a result of the woman’s neglect of her husband’s feelings and psychological needs.

Economic Impact

Excessive childbearing without awareness and responsibility effect Negatively only on the economic situation of the country, but effect Negatively on the economic level of the family, which incurs a lot of expenses in various aspects, from spending on health care to basic needs such as clothing, food and drink, to spending on education and others.

emotional estrangement

The husband’s preoccupation with work and the search for another source of income to meet the family’s needs and meet its requirements, as well as the wife’s preoccupation with the children’s problems and requirements leads to an increase in the emotional estrangement within the family, which is the lack of spiritual and psychological communication between the spouses, so marriage has become a responsibility and a job more than a source of comfort and moral and psychological support.

Harmful effects of childbearing
Harmful effects of childbearing
childbearing risks
childbearing risks


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