Daily Mail: Camilla will become the first British queen who had no desire for the crown

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Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and the wife of King Charles, has been spotted in the past few hours after she received the title of Queen Consort, immediately after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and her husband, King Charles III, ascended to the throne of Britain, as it is a special case in carrying this royal title, because she was not born to be queen, but she would be, and though she had no desire for the crown, she would now wear a crown, having become Her Majesty with all the pomp of that title.

The journey that took the former lady Camilla Parker-Bowles from mistress to the queen next to King Charles, wonderful and difficult at times, according to what was published by the “Daily Mail” website, throughout this journey she had to gain the flexibility and sense of purpose that few believed she could possess.

Queen Consort Camilla

The British newspaper report says, “Now Camilla is going through an even greater test as the king’s wife, where her words and actions receive more attention, and her achievements will be more necessary than ever, but to succeed in this role will need more effort.”

And the report asked: “How will she approach this new, frightening phase of her life? Is she at the age of 75 considered a relatively advanced age? And how will she be equipped for all that this entails?” And here the British newspaper report says, “Those who know the best of what She, and her family, are confident that she is.. and they say that one of the main features is that she is filled with common sense, a feature which unfortunately has no shortage in the current royal family. her feet on the ground.”


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