By Charles’ order.. That’s why Meghan Markle didn’t come to Balmoral to see the dying queen

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A report by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed that King Charles III asked Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, not to bring his wife, Megan Markle, to Balmoral Castle, where he and other senior members of the royal family rushed to the side of the dying Queen, and the report says: While there was a family tragedy, on Thursday, when the Queen passed away at the age of 96, there was a little domestic drama swirling around the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The British newspaper report said: ‘It was a coincidence of sorts that Harry and Meghan were in the UK when the prince’s grandmother passed away, which spared him an undoubtedly painful emotional rush across the Atlantic with the poor health of the Queen, and despite the grudge of the past few years, will not Someone envies him for the opportunity to mourn his beloved “grandmother”, with whom he has always enjoyed a warm and fun-loving relationship.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

“But with the royal family drained of concern about the ailing Queen, the Sussex family has sparked an unprecedented wave of concern behind the scenes by announcing that Harry and Meghan will travel to Balmoral,” he added, according to the newspaper. The SunPrince Harry was in Frogmore Cottage When he received a call from his father asking him not to bring Meghan, a source told the newspaper: “Charles told Harry it was not right or appropriate for Meghan to be at Balmoral at such a very sad time.”

It was indicated that Kate would not go, and that the matter should be limited to the small family, and Charles explained, that Meghan would not be welcome, and at the same time, the Telegraph reported that Harry was not called initially when senior members of the royal family made their way to Balmoral. , like his brother Prince William, for constitutional reasons.

One royal insider, too, said it was “very difficult to spend a lot of time with someone you know is about to publish a book about you”, and another added: “I think the public reaction to Harry and Meghan’s behavior has been a lack of doubt about… to be honest”.


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