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The Eager Lion 2022 exercise continues

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publish date 2022-09-10 22:06:08

Today, Saturday, the Assistant Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Operations and Training, Brigadier General Abdullah Shdeifat, visited the control cell at the Jordanian Armed Forces Hotel – Arab Army, as part of the ongoing activities of the Eager Lion 2022 exercise.

Brigadier General Shdeifat listened to briefings presented by several participating officers from the Jordanian Armed Forces and brotherly and friendly countries, on the course of the exercise and the extent to which the implemented activities are interconnected with the objectives of the exercise, and the extent of progress made in the course of the exercise incidents, to enhance the exchange of experiences between the participating parties and achieve harmony in the implementation of joint work. .

In a related context, the Commander of the Joint Duty Force, Brigadier General P.S.C. Naji Al-Manasir, at the Suspicions Training Center, listened to a number of military briefings on the conduct of the exercise, whose scenarios were designed to simulate the reality, conditions and new threats facing the world, to determine the planning, coordination and implementation processes at various levels.

The medical center in the Naval Force Command and the Royal Boats, with the participation of the medical team from the American side, carried out a field medical evacuation exercise, within the framework of exchanging experiences between the participating units and testing their readiness in the field of providing support, ambulance and medical evacuation.

The exercise included the hypothesis of an attack on a naval vessel that resulted in human casualties. The medical staff involved in the exercise dealt with them by providing first aid to them, evaluating and classifying the degree of risk for each injured and carrying out the evacuation process to the hospital according to the medical protocol approved within the agreed medical programs.

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