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Jurisprudential disputes across social media..Electronic wars are raging over subsidiary issues

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publish date 2022-09-10 17:39:52

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From time to time, a legal opinion or a jurisprudential fatwa appears that raises controversy and becomes a “trend” or what was known as the hadith of the hour through social networking sites, but the acceptance of public opinion and its clash on these issues has become worrisome, so that secondary doctrinal issues become a reason for attacking specialists or preachers or a reason Electronic wars between supporters of jurisprudential views.

Although dialogue is in its origin a civilized issue that reveals the capabilities of the people of civilization, the tense dialogue has raised fears and may even lead to the suppression of Sharia scholars, thinkers or preachers and to restrain them from saying what they think is correct in these issues.

What increases the difficulty of the issue is that the preachers engage in some jurisprudential opinions as the only definitive and correct opinion, and others go, considering their correct opinions alone, to the necessity of confronting the war on the Islamic religion and Islamic culture.

Intellectuals and researchers believe that these disputes ignited in this way for sub-issues could distract people from thinking about crucial issues in light of what is being promoted about sexual freedom and homosexuality and other crucial and thorny issues that target Muslim generations.

The researcher, Muhammad Khair Musa, says that the sub-issues that were saturated with research and simplified in the evidence of the parties over hundreds of years are among the issues in which the dispute is formulated.

He added that there is no harm in adopting any of the sayings of scholars in such matters without fanaticism, misleading and accusations of polytheism or petrification.

He called for not getting angry over such issues and launching battles for them and making them a reason for further division and rupture among Muslims, pointing out that this is a sign of ignorance and blind fanaticism.

In turn, the researcher Raed Al-Samhouri said that the beliefs that are the basis for salvation are the generalities that are frequent among Muslims, and the details are all jurisprudence, and God is Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Al-Samhouri added that there is neither a muhaddith nor a speaker who does not think that he is a follower of the Messenger, exalted by God.

He pointed out that the danger is when these details cause sedition, hatred, division and permissibility among Muslims.

Observers monitor what they described as attempts to assassinate the character of some scholars through social networking sites, noting that some of these campaigns were led by advocates and influencers in religious and conservative circles.

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