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“Gheishan” mourns democracy and confirms that the satirical writing will remain with “a giggle until victory”

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publish date 2022-09-10 10:23:02

He said that the exclusion of the satirist Ahmed Hassan Al-Zoubi from the satirical literature symposium at the book fair is a desperate, miserable and limited-minded act.

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Writer Youssef Ghishan mocked the ban against writer Ahmed Hassan Al-Zoubi from participating in the book fair’s symposium entitled “The Impact of Irony Literature in Awareness of Society,” which was held on Friday. It is a “desperate act of limited horizon, and satirical writing will continue to play its role, giggling until victory,” as he put it.

Gishhan said in a speech he delivered at the symposium, and published excerpts of it on his Facebook account: “I mourn for you what remains of freedom and democracy’s bellowing, and I almost – if it wasn’t for my involvement in hope – would mourn for you the Jordanian satirical writing, after the satirical writer Ahmed Hassan was excluded. Al-Zoubi from this symposium and crossed his name from the poster without informing him, after he had agreed to participate in it and his name was issued with the participants.”

He stressed that the exclusion of the satirist Al-Zoubi is a desperate, miserable, limited-minded and hostile act to the homeland. Al-Zoubi is the most beautiful, the most youthful, the most widespread and the most lively among us.

He continued by saying: I wanted a cynical and cunning solution to this problem, as I asked my friend Ahmed Al-Zoubi to send his speech in this symposium to read it in his name and to be my only intervention on the subject and thus we laugh at the ban and extend our tongue to the preventers and those behind them … But Ahmed rejected the idea.

However, Ghishan added: In any case, whoever reviews social media witnesses this societal rejection of the exclusion process, and I received some spray of insults because I refused to withdraw, and preferred confrontation and representing satirical writing in the name of my colleagues.

He added, prior to this exclusion process, I had built my speech on the topic of the symposium (the impact of satirical writing on community awareness) and that this role was limited, limited, limited, but what happened, and this overwhelming emotion from the masses of people denouncing this unjustified exclusion, made me reconsider My point of view, to tell you that irony, although it does not have the key to the solution, but it alerts people to the mistakes they commit against themselves and future generations if they remain neutral, and exposes the hypocrisy and lies of adults and pops the propaganda balloons with which they are flung to appear who they are. Just petty thieves… People are encouraged to laugh at them and then start resisting them without any sense of inferiority or inferiority.

“I assure you from the beginning that most of the cynics are revolutionaries in evasive clothes, they do not wear khakis, do not carry machine guns, do not hang grenades from their explosive belts, and do not play with cigars in their hands. without any consideration of the prevailing positions, classes or values,” as he put it.

The goal of satirical writing

He said that the goal of the satirist is to expose ugliness and not to praise beauty, his goal is to criticize governments and not to flirt with their rhetoric, even if those rhetoric are beautiful and well greased with powders that seal the pores, wrinkles and consciences.

He pointed out that the satirist writes with his hand on the wound while he laughs, so whoever of you without sarcasm, let him throw a stone at us … with a dabash with a used slipper, then throw us in the sea …. We, you and everyone else are victims of speckled governments, we wake up out of curiosity, we live out of curiosity, and we die out of curiosity… We live on a wave of black giggles from the baby’s first cry until the bottom is stuffed with unsterilized death cotton.

And he said: They liken the satirical writer to a rose with thorns…. But it’s an inverted rose… What is meant is that its fragrance and beautiful appearance are outside, where people see it, while its thorns are retracted inward, where sadness, pain, cracks, loss, suffering and excessive sensitivity towards things.

He pointed out that people need the satirical writer to take refuge under his linguistic space, because his role is similar to the role of a lightning rod that protects them from explosion, collapse, frustration and applied madness, as I said earlier, and spreads their frustration with the aggressors by making fun of them – from the aggressors of course – and their imaginary achievements and imagined victories and transforming them into A laughing matter…a pure laughter.

Ghishan said: As for the satirist, he is often sick with constant rebellion against lived reality, sick with rebellion against traditional intuitions, sick with groans, sighs and torment, so his sighs come out in the form of a strange and chaotic mixture of irony, bitterness, resistance, absurdity and nihilism sometimes.

He added, “I am sick with the constant, persistent and anxious quest for appropriate ways to express the reality that he lives with the rest of the people…. A reality that they neither see nor read in the official newspapers, nor in the statements of information ministers and authority clerks.

Ghishan confirmed that “the satirist is sick…. I admit it!! But he is also a doctor…. A doctor does not treat or cure, but he diagnoses and trusts his community… he diagnoses the flaws of the authorities in front of the people,” as he described it.

He said that the cynical writer is not satisfied with that, but also diagnoses people’s mistakes and their practices, which he portrays in a caricatured manner that makes them aware of their wrong practices, so that they may think more if they decide to practice them again.

He explained that the satirist personifies the negative practices of the people that harm them and their interests and despise their humanity, and criticizes them because they do not resist corruption and emptiness and place the truth on the Italians, and on the oppressors who branch out on people as long as people are addicted to silence with excessive doses.

“And not least, we are raising our voices and warning people about corruption and mismanagement and their dire consequences for society, which will eventually lead to the collapse of all of us and turn us into pieces across the earth with no history or dignity,” Gishhan said.

He concluded by saying: “It is a fateful battle, to smile in the face of difficulties and turn the victory of the enemies into a farce that deprives them of the joy of victory, and to stir up the reservoirs of positive emotions in the human spirit, for a future that is more just and less grim and gloomy, and it laughs until victory.”

In turn, journalist Lamis Andoni revealed that Youssef Ghishan participated in the symposium alone and turned it into an eloquent condemnation of the decision to ban his colleague and friend, writer Ahmed Hassan Al-Zoubi. With appreciation to the writers Abdul Majeed Asr Al-Majali and Kamel Al-Nuseirat for boycotting the symposium.


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