You don’t want to tell them no.. 4 signs you can’t accept rejection, most notably Leo and Aries

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Some accept the rejection of others’ opinions or demands without arguing with them, because of their belief in freedom of opinion, which leads them to accept the rejection with open arms. However, it is believed that people who do not accept the rejection of others’ opinions and demands belong to some of the astrological signs that we review in this report, according to the website.timesofindia.indiatimes“.

Towers do not like to refuse her request


If the Leo wants to achieve something, he does not rest until it is done on the ground, without using deceptions or making mistakes against others, but he deals firmly and may use his method of persuasion until he implements what he desires on the ground.

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Capricorn is known to be polite and respectful when dealing with anyone, but when he is surprised by someone’s rejection of his demands, he turns into a firm person in his decision without being aggressive and may also use his method to convince the other person with his opinions, as Leo does unless the other person is stubborn.

heated debate
heated debate


A person’s rejection of the demands of Aries, will not prevent the latter from carrying out what he wants. If someone tells him “no” to implement something, he may assume that the person in front of him is ignorant, unaware of his interest that Aries urges him to achieve, but works to encourage the refusing person even He was convinced and carried out his orders, but he did not ask him again for fear that he would refuse again.

angry woman
angry woman


Taurus is patient, but when someone refuses his command, he turns into a stubborn person, he will not consider any justification for refusing the other person, but seeks with all his energy to harass and pressure him until he does what he wants from him without getting frustrated or giving up.


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