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The “Seventh Day” lens monitored the beauty of the Nile River from the Aswan Corniche in the summer, in light of the keenness of a number of citizens to go out for walks during the night hours when temperatures are lower in the border governorate, which records the highest average temperatures during the summer.

The name “Aswan” dates back to the days of the ancient Egyptians, when it was called “Sono”, which means market, and then it was distorted to become the current name Aswan. the world twice a year.

Aswan beauty

Where is the village located and why was it called by that name?

It is located west of the Nile River in Aswan Governorate, and was named “Suhail” in relation to the neighboring island of Sohail, which was a sacred island for the worship of the god Khnum..

What is the history of the pharaonic village?

The history of the village dates back to the reign of King Zoser in the third pharaonic dynasty, and the kings used to go to the island of Sohail, which was the home of the gods Satat, the wife of the god Khnum..

What is the economic importance of the village in the era of the pharaohs?

It was an important trade route between Egypt and Africa, and it was called in the era of Napoleon the Kiki Valley or Tongqar countries..

When did the population density begin to increase in the village?

The population density began after the migration of the Nuba people from some islands after the heightening of the Aswan reservoir, and the features of the village began to be formed in the picture that I have now reached..

What is the importance of the tourist village?

The village has become one of the most important places on the agenda of tourism companies, as it arranges its houses, which are painted in attractive and harmonious colors, in the shape of the old Nubian basement style, and its people use their homes to receive tourists and provide Nubian foods and handicrafts..

What activities can you do during your visit to the village?

You can enjoy a Nile cruise on the sailboats, and a convoy of camels awaits you to tour the village, then a quick tour of the Nubian houses to eat Nubian food, draw henna, watch crocodiles and take souvenir photos with him, and you can end your tour by sitting in one of the village cafes that overlooks directly on the Nile.


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