“Tareq” Haddad Kenawy designed a seat that imitates the “Game of Thrones” chair: the Eiffel Tower made this period

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He loved the profession of blacksmithing since he was young, he inherited this profession from his father, who taught him its rules from A to Z, until he became proficient in it and innovated in it, with creative and different ideas inspired by famous dramatic works so that his role does not stop only on welding pieces of iron and other routine work of blacksmithing, but to design Artistic pieces that can be used as a decoration or a distinctive piece of furniture, is Tarek Fattah Al Deek, a 28-year-old young man who works as a blacksmith in Qena Governorate.

Game of Thrones

The story of the design of the seat “Game of Thrones” in Qena

Tariq recently designed a seat inspired by the American series “Game of Thrones”, and published the image of the seat on social networking sites and won the admiration of many of the pioneers of these sites. The profession came from my father, and I worked in it since I was young, and I knew how to do any job that the customer told me about, and once a customer asked me to design a chair like the one that appeared in the series “Game of Thrones”, and this is from his love in the series.

Another image
Another image

The seat is made of iron only

And about the materials that Tariq used to design the seat inspired by the series “Game of Thrones,” he said: “I made the chair out of iron, but it took a week for me to stay in shape.”

Tariq is sitting on the bench
Tariq is sitting on the bench

Tariq is working on the design of the Eiffel Tower

And about the strange designs that previous clients asked him for, and about the designs he would like to design in the future, Tarek said: “The Game of Thrones chair is one of the strangest designs that I have made so far. “.

Designed by Tariq Al Deek
Designed by Tariq Al Deek


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