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There are different shapes of the feet where the shape of the foot includes different lengths of toes compared to each other, and the shape of the foot (i.e. width, arching) varies, so we must all be aware of the shapes of our feet, and choose the appropriate types of shoes that best fit the shape of our feet, and There are many common foot shapes, which are the Roman, Greek (Morton) and Egyptian shapes, so “The Seventh Day” reviews the shapes of the feet and how to choose the right shoe for each of them according to the site “emoii” As follows:

Appropriate shoe shapes according to the shape of the foot

Roman form:

People with the Roman foot shape usually have the first three or more toes of the same length, while the remaining toes are shorter. More room in the forefoot. When shopping for shoes, Roman-footed owners should try to avoid shoes with a narrow forefoot or sharply pointed toe, and look for shoes with square toe, round toe, or bevel toe are all good options, such as ballet shoes.

foot shape
foot shape

Egyptian foot:

Most people have symmetrical toes where the toe is decreasing in length and the big toe is the longest, but the Egyptian foot is more prone to swelling because the longer toe is subject to different levels of deformity, so it is preferable to choose a shoe with enough room for the big toe, and enough overall width to avoid pressure on the toe Big toe, pointy shoes are not recommended because they mainly try to fit the shape of the foot.

Egyptian foot shape
Egyptian foot shape

Greek form:

The Greek foot shape also called “Morton’s toe” is less common than the Roman and Egyptian foot, and the Greek foot has a second toe that is longer than the big toe, then the length of the toes decreases in forming a rung of the ladder, those with the Greek foot can wear shoes that are pointed at the front because the toes The foot has enough space.

Greek foot
Greek foot


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