Potato packet, basketball and other shapes.. the strangest designs of landlines

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There is no home without one or more mobile phones for each individual, and despite that, we cannot yet dispense with the landline phone in many places, even in the presence of the Internet, and the designs of phones have varied over the past years and there are strange designs that we review in this report, according to site “Odee” As follows:

The strangest designs of landlines

Potato Bucket:

Naturally, when we feel hungry, we look for any food to eat to fill our hunger, and one of the easiest foods is French fries, but here the potato “bucket” is not eaten, but is used in receiving and making phone calls, as there is a phone designed in the form of a “bucket” and this is one of the strangest designs.

Potato Bucket

Lip phone:

When you look at this design, you will find harmonious and distinctive lips with a striking red color, and at a time when you think that it is just a special accessory for the shape of beautiful lips, you will find it ringing to receive an important phone call. .

lips phone
lip phone

fur phone:

The fur phone is a distinctive phone designed for girls’ rooms and made of fur, decorated with shiny shiny lobes, and is considered a distinctive piece of decor in the home.

fur phone

fur phone

Mobile phone:

It is a distinctive phone in the form of a basketball, when the phone rings, the basketball opens to a stadium full of fans, and the caller is announced on the phone, and the fans start cheering, with more lights, a phone designed for fans of ball, especially basketball, when it rings, you find the phone unlocks As for the wire connecting the phone and the headset, it is hidden inside the ball and only appears when someone is calling.

Spider Man


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