How to get rid of the boredom of “weekend”?.. 6 ideas that keep you fresh all day long

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Some may feel bored on the weekend, which makes him unable to enjoy the vacation and waste it in search of ways to help him get rid of this feeling, but in vain, and for this we review in the report, ideas that help improve the psychological state and get rid of boredom, according to the website.wikihow“.

Ideas to help you get rid of boredom

Turn on a fun book

It is recommended to read a book, whether a romance or a horror novel, with a snack, and sit on the sofa by the window, which helps to enjoy the fresh air and get rid of boredom and distress.

spoil yourself

You can use your weekend to pamper yourself, take some time to relax and maybe take a relaxing bath or take a peek during it.

Draw or take a picture

The holiday can be used to practice manual hobbies such as drawing, doing handicrafts, or even playing or coloring, all of which are activities that give you a sense of accomplishment and reduce your stress.

Cook or arrange your home

The day can also be used to arrange the house, bedroom, office, or even do some gardening, or cook some favorite foods with family members, which helps to get rid of boredom by doing some useful things.


It is preferable to do some exercises that help get rid of negative energy and excess weight, or learn some types of sports to master them and participate in special competitions.

make room

You can also take advantage of the weekend to take a walk in the public gardens, eat some light food and enjoy the scenery, which helps to improve the mood and relieve stress.

Feeling bored
eat the food
eat the food
girl is bored
girl is bored


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