How did Camilla turn from the prince’s girlfriend to the Queen of Britain?..the beginning was with a polo match

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Since the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain was announced, all international media are still talking about the transfer of power to Prince Charles, the heir, who is now the king after the death of his mother, as well as his wife Camilla, who received the title of Queen of Britain, and the story of this duo is one of the famous love stories, known globally, but How Camilla transformed from Prince Charles’ girlfriend to the Queen of Britain, this is what we review in the report, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” website.

Queen Elizabeth and Camilla

Camilla has suffered from criticism and blame and accusations of causing the collapse of Charles’s marriage to Diana, the late Princess of Wales, since news circulated about their relationship until after Diana’s death in 1997 and even when she married Charles in 2005, the subject of her future title was a cause of controversy.

Aides from the royal family said that Camilla does not want to be known as Queen Consort – Although she deserves it, she’d rather be known as Princess Consort – It is a title that has not been used before in British history, according to the British Daily Mail website.

But after her marriage to Charles, she is now one of the most recognizable members of the royal family and a full member of theThe Firm“.

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And in February, Queen Elizabeth II, who died yesterday, publicly announced her support for her daughter-in-law to take the title Queen when the time came and Charles became King of Britain, during her message to the nation on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee, where the Queen said it was her “sincere desire” for Camilla to have this Title.

The late Queen chose the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne to announce and express her desire to recognize Camilla as queen when Charles becomes king, saying: “When my son Charles becomes king, I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support you gave me, and when the time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort It continues its loyal service.

Camila and Diana
Camila and Diana

Camilla was previously appointed a Special Counsel in 2016, which means she will be by Charles’ side when he is officially declared king on the Accession Council. Humor, devotion to her husband and public duty, she is set to be crowned alongside Charles as Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

The beginning of Charles and Camilla’s love story

The love story of King Charles and Camilla began when they met for the first time at a polo match at Windsor Castle, which was held in 1970, but then they separated and Camilla met Andrew Parker Bowles, an officer in the cavalry in February 1973, and married him in July 1973, keen King Charles to form a relationship with her husband Parker, but he moved away from Camilla, but their relationship returned again in 1986, despite the marriage of the two, which affected Diana’s relationship with Charles, which began to gradually collapse, and it was said that Parker knew of his wife’s infidelity, but he did not react, In November 1992, a transcript of a love call between Charles and Camilla in 1989 made headlines, and after a while Prime Minister John Major announced that the Prince and Princess of Wales had officially separated.

Charles and Camilla
Charles and Camilla


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