Farewell to her fans.. Caricatures of Queen Elizabeth she collects with Prince Philip and Paddington

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Social media users affected by the death of Queen Elizabeth II, today, Friday, shared a touching cartoon showing Queen Elizabeth meeting her beloved Prince Philip, in addition to another cartoon showing the late Queen heading into the sunset with Paddington Bear, according to the newspaper website “Daily Mail” ” British.

A particularly poignant sketch shows the Queen and Prince Philip with their arms around each other looking forward, and in another, the Queen is shown flanked by her late husband and one of her dogs as they sit together on a blanket, and at the bottom of the drawing is inscribed the sentence: “Welcome back to Lilipt,” referring to why The duo, who have been married for more than 70 years, included in the afterlife.

Daily Mail report

The Queen’s drawings with Paddington Bear were praised a few months after the hearts of the British nation were entertained with a hilarious video of their afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace during the platinum jubilee celebrations, and the image was flooded with comments below the post, including, one commentator said: ” It’s just beautiful.” Another added, “It excited me again.”

Queen Elizabeth and Paddington
Queen Elizabeth and Paddington
Cartoon of the Queen and Prince Philip
Cartoon of the Queen and Prince Philip

Another cartoon, widely circulated on Twitter, shows the Queen, in her fashionable emerald green coat and Paddington-handed hat, at her side, followed again by one of the Queen’s dogs, wrapped around loose British flags and a train of fallen marmalade sandwiches. Caricature that has been widely shared by many different users to include different caricatures on the image..


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