A dog helps a young American woman with rare cancer improve her psychological condition

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September is Children’s Cancer Awareness Month, the cancer of a young woman. The teenage girl, Margaret Jackaway, was suffering from a rare, aggressive form of lymphoma, according to Fox News.

“Margaret had a type of lymphoma, which is a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma,” Malhotra added. “In America, the number of new cases is about 800 a year among children. It’s a rare, aggressive cancer and treatment takes two and a half years of chemotherapy.”

Malhotra told her in 2019 that she had a rare form of cancer known as T-cell lymphoma, and around this time, the Jackaway family agreed to take care of a dog named Maddie, while her owners were on a trip with the US Army to Korea.

Margaret’s father, Seth Jackaway, said: ‘I’ve seen the dog work more for me because we’ve been doing so much already, but it has had a tremendous impact on Margaret, giving her a reason to get up every day.

Margaret added that having the dog in her home inspires her to “get out of bed and get out of bed”.

Her father, Seth Jackaway, added, “She loves the dog so much that it gives her purpose, before the dog, and she slept all day, but it gave her a reason to leave the bed. more”.

Margaret was a student at a performing arts school when she was diagnosed with cancer. She faced two and a half years of chemotherapy during the Covid pandemic.

“The part that really attracts kids through that is their resilience, how well they cope with all their illness is having a pet in the house like a dog,” Malhorta said.

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