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This is how the “guarantee” wasted millions of dinars in the opinion press

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publish date 2022-09-09 12:05:26

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Insurance and social protection expert, Musa Al-Subaihi, expressed his regret at the state of affairs in the Al-Rai newspaper complex, and offered it for auction at a value of 3.8 million dinars, although its cost amounted to 35 million.

Al-Subaihi said in his clarification that “the decision to establish the Al-Rai printing complex was taken in 2009 and the agreement to establish it was signed on 29/7/2009 at a cost of (10) million dinars, on a land area of ​​(10) thousand square meters owned by the Jordanian press organization “Al-Rai”. The complex, whose buildings area amounted to 32,000 square meters after being equipped with a modern newspaper printing machine, at a cost of 14.2 million euros in 2014.”

And he indicated that the cost of the Al-Rai Press Complex amounted to about (35) million dinars, as this large amount was frozen about 10 years ago without interest, and was even making annual losses, and today it is being auctioned at a value of (3.8) million dinars, or about one-tenth of its cost.

Al-Subaihi added that the Social Security Corporation owns (54%) of the Jordanian press organization “Al-Rai”, which was established and developed with a capital of (10) million dinars, and therefore the Security Funds Investment Fund bears a great responsibility through its five representatives on the board of directors of the Jordanian press organization “Al-Rai”. , with regard to “Al-Rai” and its press complex, and the “Guarantee” bears more than half of this direct loss, i.e. about (17) million dinars, not to mention the differences in the purchasing value of the project cost, this is of course in contrast to the accumulated debts on “Al-Rai” which amounted to about ( 27) million dinars.

He wondered, “Based on this, why don’t the head of the guarantee funds investment fund, the director general of the guarantee institution, and the chairman of the guarantee funds investment board come out to the Jordanian public with detailed statements about the reasons for what happened and how the situation has reached what it has reached? These millions are from the participants’ and beneficiaries’ funds and all officials are entrusted with them What does the head of the fund say, what does the guarantee manager say, and what does the chairman of the investment board say to people?

Al-Subaihi continued, criticizing, “What justify wasting these millions, and why the Foundation and the Fund were unable to find appropriate solutions to the problem and save the complex from auctioning, why the guarantee did not provide for its purchase, and how is it acceptable to the Guarantee Foundation, which spent hundreds of millions to help the private sector during the pandemic, taking the role of the government in this way? How is it acceptable for her to stand unable to help herself and save her money and property here and there.. Was the Security Fund Investment Fund unable to pay a few million to save the Al-Rai Printing Complex, whose auction led to the waste of millions of dinars from the guarantee subscribers’ funds..?!

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