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News of US plans to establish a new military entity in southern Syria

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publish date 2022-09-09 16:03:09

The Compass – The situation in southern Syria is surrounded by a lot of ambiguity, in light of leaks about US plans to establish a new military entity that includes the three southern governorates; Daraa, As-Suwayda, and Quneitra, with the aim of expelling Iran and the Syrian regime from the region.
However, local sources question this information, but they raise questions about the implications of the return of the commander of the “Eighth Brigade,” Ahmed al-Awda, to Daraa a few days ago, after an absence of about a year, pointing also to moves in As-Suwayda to form new military factions.

Two days ago, the Turkish newspaper “Turkey” reported “an American plan to establish a new military entity that includes Quneitra, As-Suwayda and Daraa, supported by the United States through the Al-Tanf base,” which includes American soldiers and others from the international coalition on the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian borders.
She pointed out that “the international coalition forces are in the process of sending heavy weapons, ammunition and fighters to Daraa, As-Suwayda and Quneitra, with the aim of establishing a new army of 30,000 men to open the front in the south against the Syrian regime and Iran.”

According to the newspaper, “Al-Suwayda’s factions will participate in this formation for the first time, as a joint operations room was established during a meeting that took place recently, which was attended by many opposition factions, especially the Revolutionary Commandos from Al-Tanf, Al-Balous Group from As-Suwayda, and Khaldoun Al-Zoubi Group from Daraa.”

She added that the US-led coalition forces “offered to provide salaries to opposition fighters of up to $1,100 for the element and $2,000 per month for the officer,” noting that “the meeting, which was attended by representatives of the US Department of Defense and the CIA, dealt with recognizing the situation in the south as an independent, self-governing entity.” Israel will provide him with air protection.”

Doubting American plans

However, the defected Brigadier General Ibrahim al-Jabawi ruled out the validity of this information. Al-Jabawi, who is from Daraa governorate, told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, “Activists circulated such information about a month ago, and talked about a meeting that took place in one of the Arab countries during which these plans were discussed, but I think they are incorrect, and it is just a bubble.”

“If America had such an attitude, it would not have allowed Russia to invade the south in 2018,” he added. Regarding the Iranian presence in the south, al-Jabawi saw that “the United States and Israel can expel Iran from the south within one week, but American inactivity encourages Iran to stay there and in the whole of Syria, so it continues to expand and it is said that this took place with an American consensus during the era of (former President) Barak. Obama.”

Al-Jabawi considered that “the Americans want Syria to be a failed state, despite their public statements confirming the political solution. .

For his part, the defected brigadier general from the regime forces, Asaad Al-Zoubi, said that “these propositions are old, as they were put forward for the first time in 2013, and each time they are presented in a different format.” In an interview with Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, Al-Zoubi said that “all the formulas that have been proposed so far do not proceed from the interests of the Syrians except in part, and they have failed because they did not find a favorable soil for them, in addition to the fact that the American side is not serious,” adding that “until now it is still The method of presentation and the objectives and secrets of the subject are subjective, and I think they are unfounded rumors.”

Jordan had earlier denied such information, specifically about the establishment of a safe zone with Arab and international support on the border with Syria, to confront the threat of Iranian militias expanding on its borders, and to limit their drug smuggling activity.

The Jordanian denial came after statements made by King Abdullah II last June, in which he called for the establishment of an “Arab NATO” or a “Middle Eastern NATO” to protect the region from various threats.

Movements in As-Suwayda

In the same context, journalist Laith Abi Nader, who resides in As-Suwayda Governorate, told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that “these ideas are somewhat old, and they have already been circulated among the different parties, but they have not seen the light yet, and they have been distorted from their original goal. After the intervention of the Syrian regime, which worked to use it for its own benefit.”

He explained that “the first idea was to form a military entity in southern Syria backed by the United States and Israel, with the aim of expelling Iran and its militias from the region, funded by the UAE, provided that the regime adheres to neutrality, and if it tries to obstruct the process, it is expelled as well.”

He added, “The idea was moved after calls for the establishment of an Arab military alliance, as the UAE communicated with various parties to embody the idea in southern Syria, by establishing a military entity of 9,000 fighters; Five thousand of them are in Daraa and Quneitra, and four thousand in As-Suwayda, with the aim of fighting Iranian militias and eliminating drug smuggling through Jordan.”

Abi Nader explained that “in addition to the establishment of the military entity, there was planning to establish a decentralized government in the three governorates, keeping them under the umbrella of the government in Damascus, but with broad powers to manage its local affairs, and attempts to hold an expanded meeting in As-Suwayda in Dar Al-Urra, which includes 250 personalities, including representatives of armed factions, clerics, and civil society.

He continued, “The Syrian parties turned against the idea after the Assad regime intervened, which worked to divert it towards the formation of new factions in As-Suwayda led by Louay al-Atrash, Amir Dar-Ura, especially after the Rijal al-Karama movement (the largest faction in As-Suwayda) refused to get involved in the matter.

Abi Nader explained that “the regime’s goal with this military formation is to support the new governor (Bassam Parsik) and install the regime in the governorate and dismantle all those who oppose it,” noting that “the regime worked to compliment the people by freezing the work of the Military Security Branch in As-Suwayda, which is hated locally, in return for Activate the State Security Branch.

The people in As-Suwayda hold the Military Security Branch responsible for all the problems in their governorate, by sponsoring gangs, kidnappings and drug smuggling.

In the same context, a local source in As-Suwayda told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that “there are no indications on the ground to establish a new military formation in southern Syria.” However, he pointed out that “some people link the return of the local leader in Daraa, Ahmed al-Awda, to such moves aimed at forming the Southern Army, which al-Awda had previously talked about more than two years ago, but he considered that the Americans were not serious in this matter.”

Regarding Louay al-Atrash’s movements in As-Suwayda, the source explained that “al-Atrash is close to the security services of the regime, and he is trying to work to gather the armed factions backed by the security services, with the aim of disrupting the process of dismantling Iranian-backed gangs and groups, in addition to strengthening his position and obtaining new gains, But it doesn’t seem to have had much success so far.”

Ahmed’s return

The talk about the new scheme in southern Syria coincided with the return of Ahmed al-Awda, commander of the “Eighth Brigade” previously backed by Russia, to his city of Busra al-Sham in Daraa, after more than a year of his presence in Jordan.

According to the information of Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, Al-Awda returned on August 22nd, and was received by a number of notables from his city. It was noticeable in the ceremony celebrating his return, the presence of the slogan “Sunna Youth Forces” in the guest reception hall, which is the faction that Al-Awda led before 2018.

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