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New details about the Jordanian man infected with monkeypox

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publish date 2022-09-09 18:01:00

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The government advisor for health affairs, Dr. Adel Al-Balbisi, said that the infection recorded today, Thursday, with monkeypox, was registered for a Jordanian citizen after returning from abroad.

Al-Belbisi added in televised statements on Friday that, after his return, he had symptoms of sore throat, high temperature and muscle pain, then enlarged lymph nodes.

He stressed that the patient’s condition is good and he does not suffer from chronic symptoms, stressing that the patient has passed the danger stage, especially since he was injured on the 29th of last month.

Al-Belbisi indicated that the disease is not easily transmitted except through direct and close contact with the infected person, and the number of infections in the world is limited and in decline.

Najwa Khoury, a member of the National Epidemiology Committee, said that the current spread of the monkey virus at the global level is greater than the previous spread.

How do you get immunity from monkeypox??

Khoury added that the explanations for the greater spread of the virus – than the two previous spreads – stem from the ease of travel between countries, in addition to the increase in safari tourism and getting closer to animals.

Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of the first case of monkeypox in Jordan, today, Thursday, 8/9/2022, for a young man in his thirties who traveled to several European countries and returned to Jordan on 20/8/2022.

She pointed out that treatment for the virus is available and given to people at high risk, and treatment is available at the World Health Organization, and it is supplied to countries as needed.

Khoury indicated that the death rate from the disease reaches 3-6%, stressing that the health system in Jordan is one of the best in the world, and is able to deal with the disease, stressing that all medical personnel must have information on how to deal with cases. Suspected disease and how to obtain the necessary samples, so that we can quickly identify and control the disease.

Regarding the mechanism of transmission of monkeypox disease, Khoury explained that the transmission of the disease is through close contact “that is, skin-to-skin contact” or direct contact with the animal, noting that the method of detecting the infection is through diagnosing the case by conducting a “PCR” examination.

The ministry explained that the symptoms began to appear on the citizen on August 25, 2022, with a high temperature, sore throat, muscle pain with swollen lymph nodes, and he was treated on the basis of a sore throat, but after five days, he had skin blisters on the face and hands. On 7/9/2022, he reviewed a doctor who suspected that the case was monkeypox, so he took a sample of skin pimples and a blood sample and it was examined by (PCR) in a private laboratory, where the result of the sample today appeared positive (that is, he had monkeypox) .

The ministry pointed out that the patient is now in good health and in the stage of full recovery and isolated at his home, and the case is now being investigated and close contacts are counted to be followed up accordingly..

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