There is nothing impossible in his dictionary.. “Ali” of people of determination got medals in swimming

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He loved swimming since his early childhood, and his love for it and his enthusiasm for practicing it and achieving achievements in it despite his disability, to prove to those who comment their failure on the circumstances that they are wrong, is “Ali Mahmoud”, the 22-year-old, who said in his speech to “The Seventh Day”, that His disability did not make him succumb to the disease or the operations he underwent throughout his life, especially since his birth, and he found his passion in practicing sports, especially swimming, in which he excelled and won many medals, the last of them gold and two bronze in the Egypt Cup championship in the New Administrative Capital..

“Ali” of people of determination dreams of representing Egypt globally

He continued that he was born with a problem in the spine and the lower part of the body, which made many around him feel frustrated after his family confirmed that he would not be able to move and would accompany the wheelchair throughout his life, but with the presence of his mother, whom he said was his “dynamo” and the first supporter. He was able to continue until this moment, as he said: “I started swimming since 2009 and started it as a hydrotherapy, after that I completed it with practice and exercises until it reached the championships.”

He added that he challenged himself and society and decided to reach and achieve many championships by swimming with his hands only, and that the last tournament he joined was the Egypt Cup in the New Administrative Capital, during which he won more than one medal, including gold..

He added that he seeks to achieve more and more progress in his life to be an honorable facade with a positive impact on everyone who sees it, and concluded that he dreams of representing Egypt globally and continuing his educational journey after stopping due to illness, but he is optimistic because beside him is his mother, family and an open society that knows that his wealth is in his children.

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Ali Mahmoud
Ali Mahmoud



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