Simple and easy steps to maintain white furniture

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White furniture is one of the most elegant pieces of furniture, but it quickly stains with stains that disturb housewives, and push them to search for different ways to clean it, so “The Seventh Day” reviews some simple tips to keep white furniture bright, according to the website “bg” As follows:

Tips for maintaining white furniture

protect it

The best way to keep white upholstered furniture in good condition is to avoid spilling anything on it in the first place, and if there are stains, you can buy a special spray to clean the furniture.

Furniture protection

Furniture packaging

The covers are a great option in the event of children or pets, as it is preferable to wrap the furniture with a white or transparent cover for the furniture and remove it whenever it needs washing..

Furniture pieces
Furniture pieces

Spot cleaning first

Furniture must be taken care of and cleaned as soon as anything is spilled on it, so as not to exacerbate the problem and be difficult to remove after that, so as not to leave behind stains, with the use of an upholstery cleaner to remove difficult stains.

Remove stains first

Remove stains first

lint roller

Lint rollers help remove fabric and fur residue from white furniture, to get rid of the clothing fibers of anyone who has sat on white furniture, as they can make entire pieces of furniture look somewhat dull.

lint rollers
lint rollers

Keep white furniture out of the sun

When white wooden furniture is left in direct sunlight, it can turn it yellow over time, so it is recommended to make sure that white furniture is placed away from direct sunlight, and cover windows with curtains to reduce exposure to the sun.

Try the covers
Furniture Packaging

Furniture cleaning every month

White wood furniture should be thoroughly cleaned with a soft cloth and a solution of one part white vinegar and two parts warm water to clean stains..

deep cleaning
deep cleaning


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