Service and Washwasha: “My book is written and I will kill you for any need, and I am afraid that he will divorce me.. What should I do?”

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“My book is written and it is good with me and I have not seen anything bad from it, but from such a recent period he began to talk to you about anything and grow any problem that occurs between us and I am afraid that he will enter his life, even though I, God, do not like many problems and sometimes many words come out of me, but it remains in good faith, God But he sees it in another way, even when I come to defend myself. He says that your justifications are weak, and I try as hard as I can the pain of the problems because I do not like them. He says, “Stay away,” for fear of getting divorced, for God’s sake. I will not remain silent and will not leave anyone in a pure state, except that I do not want this to happen because I really love him very much, and he is everything in my life. Can you advise me to do what??


We transferred the problem to Dr. Reham Abdel Rahman, a researcher in mental health and family counseling, who said, “The beginning of the book is a relationship that lacks publicity and announcement through family ceremonies that are known to everyone, and therefore you are still at the beginning of the relationship that must be based on honesty and frankness, and for this I advise you First, by talking to your fiancé about these fears and frankly speaking to him about changing the way he treats him while avoiding negative thinking and mistrusting him.. If your fears are valid, why should he continue with you??

She added: “You should know that the books of the book are a relationship that paves the way for marriage, which requires a lot of patience and emotional participation with the life partner, instead of thinking about yourself and mistrusting, which may be a major reason for your feeling psychological pressure and fear of having another party in his life, and try to find out if he is suffering. Are there problems and pressures in his work? And help him to overcome these pressures by containing him and supporting him psychologically.”.

And she continued, “I also advise you to develop self-confidence and not pay attention to society’s outlook, they said or they will say, because you are the one who determines your progress in this relationship. The relationship, overlooking and understanding the circumstances he is going through, but when you notice that he is creating and amplifying problems increasingly and continuously, here you should talk to those you trust in your family about this matter to find the appropriate solution..

She concluded, “I advise you, my dear, to have self-confidence and avoid imposing yourself on him and make it your main concern.. Just be patient and understand that every person has a special space that no one should cross, in order to ensure your psychological peace and to preserve feelings of eagerness and loss between you, and whatever your decision you remember that no one He will live in your place one day, or he will make a bad choice for you.”

Woosha service

Within the framework of the “Seventh Day” keenness to communicate directly with readers, and to provide various and varied services, “The Seventh Day” launched the “Washwasha” service to receive any inquiries or psychological, social or educational problems, provided that the problems are presented to experts and trusted specialists and publish responses via Website and newspaper.

You can contact us through WhatsApp number 01284142493 or e-mail Washwasha@youm7.com or direct link.


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