Raw peas and olives… the most favorite foods of the British royal family

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The interests and tastes of members of the British royal family, like any family in the world, differ, even in the types of food he eats, so we review in the report, the foods preferred by members of the British royal family, according to the website “lovefood” As follows:

Elizabeth prefers dark chocolate:

Darren McGrady, former chef, told MarieClaire Queen Elizabeth loves dark chocolate, which is her favorite dessert.

Queen Elizabeth

Prince Charles loves organic foods:

Prince Charles is an advocate of pesticide-free food, even launching an agricultural production line of pesticide-free vegetables and fruits called Duchy Originalsover 25 years ago.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Camila enjoys raw peas:

The Duchess of Cornwall has revealed her fondness for raw peas, according to a visit to a school in Slough, UK.


Kate Middleton loves pumpkin soup:

In a previous interview, she said that the first day she spent in the palace, she was thinking of making this soup herself, but she discovered that it was on the table that impressed her..

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Prince George enjoying fresh salmon sandwiches:

And unlike generations of children, Prince George loves to enjoy salmon and hummus sandwich, and for lunch he eats apricot tagine and fresh chicken katsu..

Prince George

Prince George

Princess Charlotte and the Olive:

Middleton said in an earlier interview that Princess Charlotte “loves olives”, according to PeopleThe Duchess of Cambridge added that Charlotte and George enjoy cooking with her, especially when she cooks pasta recipes with cheese and olives..

Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte


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