Put down the curtains and close the windows in the morning.. Tips to help reduce your electricity bill

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Every home has a lot of electrical appliances that are consumed most of the time, and there are some ways that cause the cost of the electricity bill to rise, so we review, in this report, tips that help reduce the electricity bill at home, according to the website theorganisedhousewife.

Tips to reduce your electric bill

Reducing electricity consumption

Close electrical appliances

It is best to unplug the appliances, such as laptops, chargers, washer and dryer, kettle, televisions, electric toys, and other appliances.

close the curtains

Closing the curtains helps reduce the value of the electric bill, as if the curtains are closed, especially in the daytime, window coverings can make a big difference in the room temperature, and in this case will reduce the use of air conditioning even more.

Turn off the heater

After using the heater, it is preferable that it be closed and disconnected from the electricity in a good manner, in order to save electrical energy, as the heater is one of the most devices that consumes a large number of electrical charges.

Take a shower as soon as possible

There are many children and other family members of all age groups who take a lot of time when bathing, which consumes a lot of water and electricity, so it is recommended to take a shower within a short time, which helps reduce the electricity bill.

Ways to conserve electricity
Ways to conserve electricity
Save electricity
Save electricity


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