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Usually, moisturizing the skin was not an innovative way to care for and maintain the skin, as Queen Cleopatra used to bathe in milk for its moisturizing properties, and it was proven that moisturizing the skin protects it from dehydration and aging and makes it healthier, but with a wide range of moisturizers on the market, it can be difficult to know the type. Which should be used, so “The Seventh Day” reviews the correct moisturizing method for the skin according to its type, according to the website “healthline” as follows:

How to moisturize

Moisturizers should be applied after cleaning the face because they prevent the skin from drying out after washing it, and it is preferable to exfoliate the skin at most every 15 days, to make sure that there are no layers that hinder the arrival of moisturizers to the skin. Water, apply a pea-sized moisturizer on the face, using fingertips, and rub gently using circular motions until completely absorbed.

Types of moisturizers for skin according to its type

dry skin

Dry skin needs to use an oil moisturizer that restores its vitality and eliminates dryness and itching.

Oily skin

As for oily skin, it needs a water moisturizer that does not contain any oils so that the skin can breathe and is not obstructed by the moisturizer that was placed on the skin.

normal skin

And for normal skin, you need a water moisturizer that contains a few oils in order to be suitable for the components of this skin, which you may want to have some moisturizing oils..

sensitive skin

Sensitive skin needs a medicated and soothing moisturizer, especially to treat the irritation that occurs to it when exposed to external factors such as dust and sun.

Skin care

Skin Moisturizing
Skin Moisturizing

lotion cream
lotion cream


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